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18+ Month protection

sunshine coast graphene spray sealant coating package

graphene coating sunshine coast
Superior Durability and Longevity

One of the standout selling points of our graphene sealant is its exceptional durability. Its molecular structure provides long-lasting protection for up to 18 months, much longer than traditional sealants. This means fewer applications are necessary, saving you both time and money in the long run.

Unparalleled Protection

Our graphene sealant is not just durable, it's protective. Its unique properties make it resistant to UV radiation, harsh weather, and chemical contaminants. Whether it's your vehicle or other important surfaces, our sealant helps preserve their original condition and prevents premature aging, keeping them looking new and vibrant.

Enhanced Aesthetics and Easy Maintenance

Beyond the practical benefits, our graphene sealant enhances the appearance of any surface it's applied to, giving a deep, glossy shine that is sure to impress. Moreover, it's hydrophobic nature repels water and grime, making maintenance a breeze. Just a simple wipe, and your surfaces are clean and shining, with no need for harsh cleaners.

what are the benefits

In conclusion, an 18-month graphene sealant is a cutting-edge solution that offers superior protection, appearance enhancement, and cost-saving benefits for a variety of surfaces.


Graphene, a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice, is one of the strongest materials known to science. When used as a sealant, it provides exceptional durability, maintaining its integrity for a longer period than many other types of sealants.

Superior Protection

Graphene sealants can protect surfaces from a wide range of environmental factors including UV radiation, chemical contaminants, heat, and harsh weather conditions. This is extremely beneficial for applications such as car paint protection, where the sealant can prevent fading, staining, and oxidation for up to 18 months.

Improved Hydrophobicity

Graphene sealants are highly hydrophobic, meaning they effectively repel water. This reduces the likelihood of water-based damage, such as rust or corrosion, and can make surfaces easier to clean.

Enhanced Gloss and Shine

On top of the practical protection benefits, graphene sealants can also enhance the visual appearance of a surface. They add a deep gloss and shine, giving treated surfaces a new and improved look.


Considering the extended lifespan of an 18-month graphene sealant compared to other products, users could potentially save money over time. They won't need to reapply the product as often, reducing both the material cost and the labor/time expense.

Environmentally Friendly

Graphene is non-toxic, and the longer lifespan of the sealant means less frequent applications, which can lead to reduced environmental impact compared to other, less durable materials.

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important stuff: How much do we charge?

Sedan - $339

This package is designed for smaller, four-door vehicles. It includes enough graphene sealant to thoroughly cover and protect the entire exterior surface of a typical sedan.

suv - $439

This package is designed for larger, sport utility vehicles (SUVs). It includes a greater quantity of graphene sealant, as SUVs typically have larger body sizes and therefore require more sealant to fully cover.

4wd - $539

This is for four-wheel drive vehicles, which are often larger and subjected to harsher conditions. It includes an even larger amount of graphene sealant to accommodate the increased size and the need for extra protection.

caravan - $739

Designed for mobile homes and trailers, this package includes the greatest quantity of sealant due to the significant size of these vehicles. This ensures all exterior surfaces of the caravan can be protected.