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About isaac's pro detailing

At Isaac’s Pro Detailing, we understand that your car is more than just a form of transportation on the Sunshine Coast; it’s an extension of your unique personality and a constant companion in your daily life. That’s why we specialize in more than just basic car cleaning; we’re experts in on-site vehicle detailing, aimed at restoring your car’s natural lustre and keeping it looking showroom-fresh.

Our seasoned team of Sunshine Coast mobile detailer professionals specializes in thorough, meticulous detailing. Utilizing only the highest quality cleaning products and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure the best results and the utmost care for your vehicle, solidifying our reputation as the best mobile car cleaning service on the Sunshine Coast.

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of waiting at traditional car washes. At Isaac’s Pro Detailing, we bring the shine directly to you. As a leading mobile auto detailing service on the Sunshine Coast, we’re fully equipped to meet you wherever you are—be it at home, work, or your favourite beach spot. Our mobile team is just a call away.

We Use Professional Equipment

mobile car detailing sunshine coast

Cut and Polishing

Our Sunshine Coast mobile detailing team excels in a cut and polish service, a specialty designed to breathe new life into dull paintwork, minor scratches, swirl marks, and other signs of daily wear and tear. This two-step procedure begins with a meticulous car cut. Utilizing professional-grade cutting compounds, we buff your vehicle’s surface to eliminate imperfections and oxidized paint.

Following the cutting phase, we move on to the polish. Our expert technicians apply a fine abrasive polish to your car’s exterior, effectively smoothing out any minor abrasions left behind from the cutting process. The result is a high-gloss finish that not only enhances your vehicle’s appearance but also solidifies our reputation as the best mobile car cleaning service on the Sunshine Coast.

Seat and carpet extraction

As time passes, seats and carpets can become repositories for dirt, grime, stains, and unpleasant odors, diminishing both the allure and comfort of your vehicle. Our seat and carpet extraction service employs potent hot water extraction methods to delve deep into your car’s upholstery for a thorough clean. We focus on eradicating stubborn stains and persistent odors, delivering a fresher, cleaner, and more hygienic atmosphere for your vehicle. Experience the transformative power of mobile car detailing on the Sunshine Coast.

Ceramic coating

protect your investment with 5 year ceramic coating.

$600/ Sedan

steam cleaning, ppf removal, full detail, dog hair removal, wheel coating, fabric sealant, clay bar, iron removal, ozone treatment and deodorization.

$800/ SUV

steam cleaning, ppf removal, full detail, dog hair removal, wheel coating, fabric sealant, clay bar, iron removal, ozone treatment and deodorization.

$1000/ 4wd

steam cleaning, ppf removal, full detail, dog hair removal, wheel coating, fabric sealant, clay bar, iron removal, ozone treatment and deodorization.

ppf and clear bra removal

get rid of old dirty looking ppf dragging your cars appearence down

Dog Hair Removal

get rid of dog hair and transform the look of your vehicles interior.

Fabric Sealant

stop having issues with spills and protect your vehicles upholstery with a fabric coating

leather ceramic coating

leave your leather protected for years to come, with uv protection and chemical resistance while keeping the original feel of leather.


make your car feel fresh and smell new with proffesional deodourization

wheel ceramic coating

make your wheels easier to maintain with a wheel coating.

call anytime/ have your questions answered

0456 760 025

Jo Lee
Jo Lee
Loved the hospitality, Isaac truly knows what he is doing. My daughter with BPD (Bipolar Disorder) always wanted me to use this service, and never stopped asking me. I was hesitant at first, since Isaac didn't seem as experienced at first glance, but after I finally agreed to go to Isaac's Pro Car Detailing it changed my entire perspective. My car was like brand new! Definitely recommend.
hey mate came around on wednesday and i gotta say great stuff, he cleaned out all the unwanted stains from the seats and gave my holden torana a full wash. Never seen my grandma with parkinsons disease so happy, once again your the best mate
Taj Kick
Taj Kick
Got Isaac to do a full detail. recommend a lot. Then also helped me bring the groceries in defiantly will get him again.
Kaister's Art
Kaister's Art
My car was in big need of a detail so In desperation of a very needed detail I came to the brand new local detail expert isaac and he left my car looking brand new! Thank you isaac for the great work I recommend you people book a detail from isaac he’s the best man for the job.
Made my interior look bran new, the seats were very soiled with chocolate milk stains. But isaac shampooed them right out. It looked better than the day i got it. The pains was silky smooth and shiny aswell. I would reccomend.
Kema Henshall
Kema Henshall
Very happy with the results my car seats feel abd smell fresher than a new car
Car Detailing Services on the Sunshine Coast
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Mobile Car Detailing Convenient, on-the-go professional car detailing services at your doorstep. Sunshine Coast
Interior Car Detailing Comprehensive cleaning and conditioning of your car's interior for a fresh, clean cabin. Sunshine Coast Plaza
Professional Car Detailing Expert-level detailing services for your car, utilizing high-quality products and techniques. Sunshine Coast
Luxury Car Detailing Bespoke detailing services tailored for luxury vehicles, ensuring meticulous care and attention. Sunshine Coast
Car Wash and Detailing Full-service wash and detailing to rejuvenate your car's appearance inside and out. Near Sunshine Coast Airport
Ceramic Coating Advanced protection with ceramic coating to shield your paintwork from the elements. Sunshine Coast
Car Detailing Supplies High-quality detailing products available for purchase to maintain your car's shine at home. Sunshine Coast